Phase 1:

Development and Planning

Legal Framework and Compliance

Team & Advisory Board Formation

Website Launch

Community Engagement and Awareness

Marketing Campaign

VC Approach

Partnership Foundations

Private Sale

Phase 2:

ICO Launch

Cross-Chain & dApp Development

Technical and Security Audits

Partnership with Marketing Agencies

Listing Agreements with Tier 1 Exchanges

Community and Ecosystem Growth

Phase 3:

$CENT Listing on Centralized Exchanges

DEX Listings

Multichain Deployment

Staking and DeFi Utilization

NFT Marketplace and P2E Game Integration

Expansion and Ongoing Developments

NFT Collection Release

Further Strategic Partnerships

Phase 4:

Merch Release

Website UI/UX Update

Whitepaper V2 Release

P2E Demo Release

Further CEX Listings

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