Frequently Asked Questions

What is Centaurus Protocol?

Centaurus Protocol is a pioneering force in decentralized finance (DeFi) and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), unlocking Web3 technology capabilities to enable seamless cross-chain token transfers across various blockchain networks like BSC, Ethereum, Polygon, and Tron. It is committed to innovation, inclusivity, and promoting multi-chain interoperability in the DeFi space.

How to buy $CENT tokens?

To buy $CENT tokens during the ICO, click the "Buy" or "Join Centaurus ICO" button to navigate to the ICO portal. 1. Connect your wallet (Metamask recommended) 2. Select your preferred network and currency 3. Enter your desired USD value 4. Click BUY.

When is Centaurus token being listed on Centralized Exchanges?

The Centaurus token, $CENT, will be listed on Tier 1 Exchanges following the conclusion of the ICO. Once listed, trading will go live, enabling users to freely trade $CENT tokens using CEXs or DEXs.

What is the utility of Centaurus Protocol?

The Centaurus Protocol provides multifaceted utility through the $CENT token, serving as a medium of exchange, a governance token, and a way to stake and earn rewards. Additionally, it empowers users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs in the marketplace and facilitates in-game asset purchases, all while enabling participants to play a vital role in the platform’s governance and future development.

How can I participate in the governance and decision making processes of Centaurus Protocol?

To participate in Centaurus Protocol's governance and decision-making, you need to be a community member and a holder of $CENT tokens. This involvement allows you to take part in steering future goals and objectives for sustained development in the long run.

How does Centaurus Protocol plan to utilize $CENT tokens for community development and project growth?

Centaurus Protocol intends to utilize $CENT tokens to fuel community development and project growth by reinvesting into the platform’s continuous enhancement, ensuring a sustainable ecosystem. This encompasses funding technological advancements, initiating community events, and incentivizing user participation, thereby cultivating a robust, engaged, and thriving community and platform.

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